Different ways to take CBD

Different ways to take CBD
December 12, 2019 Chris Dale
Ways to take CBD | Total Health Cafe | Swindon CBD Cafe, Shop Gallery

If you are new to CBD read on…

With so much interest in CBD and its benefits, we have written a quick overview of the different methods of taking CBD and some product ideas to get you started.

Gummies and other edibles

Edibles are a fun and easy way to try CBD.  CBD edibles include gummies, cookies, teas and soft drinks.  As edibles are digested they can take longer to take effect and have less absorption than some other methods.   We highly recommend trying our delicious CBD coffee with a home made CBD Flapjack next time you are in the neighbourhood.  For something to take home our gummy bears and 420 sparkling drinks are very popular.

CBD Capsules

Another ingested option, capsules have slightly better absorption due to the capsule shell and offer a lower calorie alternative to edibles.  As with all capsules they are best taken with a meal.  We now stock our own range CBD Capsules which contain high quality broad spectrum CBD imported from the USA.

CBD Vaping

This method involves using a vaporiser with a cartridge that contains CBD oil.  The Vape is inhaled and held within the breath rather than blown out as smoke.  Vaping allows the CBD to go directly into your bloodstream, so the effects will be faster than with other methods.  We stock 2 vape devices and a variety of flavoured oils. Our recommendation for your first vape system is the SMOK Nord Kit with Cali Greens Mango flavoured oil.

CBD Sublinguals

Sublinguals are designed to be absorbed under your tongue.  They include tinctures,  solutions made by soaking cannabis flower in oil or alcohol, sprays,  oils and lozenges.

Letting the product absorb under the tongue rather than subjecting it to the digestive tract preserves more of the CBD, and you’ll feel results faster.  We stock a variety of sublingual oils.  Dr Watson CBD oil is highly recommended.

CBD Topicals or Balms

These are designed to be applied directly to the skin.  There are many different CBD-infused lotions,  balms and creams including luxury CBD beauty products.  Balms are a great choice when it comes to treating localised pain or skin conditions like eczema.  Some studies have shown that CBD gel applied to the skin reduced joint swelling  which could help people with conditions like arthritis.

As skin is a lot less permeable than the tongue sublingual tissue, topical products work better with a high amount of CBD.  For a lovely vegan friendly balm try our own Total Health Co skin balm.

While there are many ways to take CBD, there’s no one right or best way.  It’s important to try different methods and see what works for you.

Please pop in and see us at Total Health Cafe, Swindon we would love to help you with any questions you may have.