Ashwagandha HIGH STRENGTH


    Ashwagandha HIGH STRENGTH -With 10% Withanolides  

    A powerful anxiety reducer and energy balancer.  A popular product.


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    What is Ashwaganda?

    Ashwagandha is a plant.  It’s root is nutrient-dense and contains flavanoids, which have a powerful ability to help the body to manage stress symptoms and promote relaxation.

    Ashwagandha can provide energy to a lethargic person, yet it can also help with sleep.  It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and balances the hormones helping both men and women with strength, mental clarity, and libido. It also boosts your supply of antioxidants and regulates your immune system.

    In India, Ashwagandha is known as the “strength of the stallion” and has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system after illness.


    The active ingredient in ashwagandha is a group of flavonoids called withanolides, our Ashwagandha is tested at 10% Withanolides (HPLC measured).  This product is also rich in prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides, vitamin A, essential amino acids, calcium, and iron.

    How to take it?

    If this is your first time taking Ashwagandha we advise taking half a capsule for the first few days as 1 whole capsule can be to strong for some. Also take it early in the morning.  If you find it difficult to sleep you are taking too much,  Ashwagandha does help you sleep but taking too much can have the opposite effect.



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