• MOB Eco Clothing Apparel | MAMS Gallery Total Health Cafe Swindon

      Shop MOB Collective

      Unisex hoodies, organic cottons, recycled plastics. Unique pieces ethically produced for responsible style conscious individuals…

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    • no more boring breakfasts

      No More Boring Breakfasts


      Are you stuck in a breakfast rut? Are you relying on a quick bowl of unfulfilling cereal to get you…

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    • Adaptogens | Total Health Cafe Swindon

      Menopause Mayhem

      We asked Nutritionist Alison Aldred for her insights on coping with the menopause and how adaptogens may help with symptoms…

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    • Mushroom Health | Total Health Cafe Swindon | NutritionAli

      Fantastic Fungi

      Mushrooms, one of the most studied food families, have been shown to have incredible health benefits for…

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    • Alison Aldred Nutritionist Swindon | Total Health Cafe, CBD Shop and gallery Swindon

      Introducing Nutritionist Ali

      We are lucky to have experienced nutritionist Alison Aldred supporting our customers and visitors with…

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    • Meditation at Total Health Cafe Swindon dr watson 1000mg cbd oil | Swindon CBD Cafe, Shop Gallery

      Meditation Evenings

      We will be holding a meditation evening every couple of weeks. This will be an introduction to meditation and techniques…

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    • Yoga at Total Health Cafe Swindon dr watson 1000mg cbd oil | Swindon CBD Cafe, Shop Gallery

      Yoga at Total Health Cafe

      Start your Yoga Journey! Starting soon a beginners friendly yoga class, introducing the many benefits of yoga for a healthy,…

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    • Ways to take CBD | Total Health Cafe | Swindon CBD Cafe, Shop Gallery

      Different ways to take CBD

      If you are new to CBD read on… With so much interest in CBD and its benefits, we have written…

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